Learn Reiki with Angela Robertshaw

Though easily learned, Reiki requires a sincere commitment to helping others and yourself as well as an open heart for it is a life path. A way of change, Reiki raises the frequency of the natural energies that vibrate within us like harp strings. This increases our intuition, clarity and physical balance as our energy flow increases, bringing us to joy and pure consciousness.

Reiki is the gift you can make when you thought you had nothing to give.

Above all, Reiki is about life. It is universal life energy and, so, part of everything. It is there for us all whoever we are, if we choose it.

Reiki is like water it finds its own level and goes where it is needed.

We cannot direct Reiki, we can only facilitate its flow to ourselves and others. It has its own wisdom and consequently its own agenda.

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As ancient as the universe and as fresh as today. Reiki is itself. It does not need anything else. Drawing people to it like a magnet even though they do not know what it is.Our hearts know the truth of the simplicity of Reiki even when the rational mind