Reiki Courses & Aims


  1. To acheive balance and wholeness
  2. To fulfil personal potential
  3. To discover inner peace.
  4. To help oneself and others
  5. To promote health and wellbeing
  6. To enable spiritual growth


Level 1

The first Reiki level is hands on and can be used on family, friends and self. The powerful physical and emotional balancing in this class leads to personal and spirtual development.

More information can be found here.

Level 2

This second course deepens understanding after lots of experience with level 1. It covers hands on and distance healing, mantras and symbols, and how to direct healing to individuals, situations, relationships and the environment. It also includes simple, but powerful meditation work. It can be a practitioners level when taken with additional qualifications.

More information can be found here.

Level 3

Level three brings a deepening of the spiritual understanding of Reiki and completes the circle, learning how to focus using mantras and accompanying sounded meditation.

Master / Teacher Level

By private arrangement only.

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Reiki is the answer to the questions you no longer need to ask