Usui Reiki Training Courses

The word “Reiki” means universal life energy and it is infinite.

  • Reiki is a special journey to yourself and to peace.
  • It has wisdom of its own which is nothing to do with us.
  • It is balancing energy which can transform mind, body and spirit.
  • It is simple to use both on ourselves and on others.

We can access this wonderful silent force to help our personal development and those around us who need it. Learning how to use Reiki is not a matter of intellect or having any special aptitude, all that you require is a sincere commitment to help others and/or yourself. It is not selfish to wish to help ourselves. We can change situations simply by the way we are, if we are strong and calm there is no end to that which we can offer others.

Reiki has a way of coming into people’s lives at the right time, often when someone has arrived at a crossroads or after a period of loss, confusion or disappointment. It changes the consciousness in such a way that people can begin to reach their full potential, giving confidence and self-esteem as well as often removing fear. Each person is special and unique and so each ones journey will inevitably be different and at times, challenging but it balances in the end. Reiki doesn’t take away our problems but we handle them differently!

My Reiki courses are taught over a peaceful weekend at my home, an old English country house in Albrighton. The quiet atmosphere allows the student to appreciate the subtle change and awakening that Reiki brings to them. In addition there is ample time for questions and the giving and receiving treatments.

A vital part of the weekend is four gentle but powerful attunements that re-align individual energies to remove blocks, giving direct access to the infinite energy that is Reiki.

By changing in ourselves, we not only change our attitude to other people, but they change in their approach and attitude to us.

We can heal, help people and situations simply by the way we are.

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We can only run when we have learned to walk and only fly when we have learned to run